“I feel wide awake.” I love that line from Gina Davis in the cult classic Thelma and Louise when they are on the run and up close and personal with all the choices that led them to that very moment when they are speeding across the desert in that magnificent ’66 T-Bird…

Maybe you are at a crossroads in life like I was a couple years back…where I found myself staring out the window a lot…remembering my childhood when I would spend hours of unstructured time reading, drawing or riding my bike from dawn to dusk…

Should I stay and work harder to do what’s safe and comfortable and keeps me in Armani suits and Ferragamos…or should I jump off a cliff and either plunge into an abyss or…learn to fly?

See, as I stand here in a field of wild grasses, with the Blacktop Boudoir behind me and glittery things all around…I know for certain those girls aren’t at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. They flew right out the other side on a wing and a prayer and made it all the way to Mexico.

Maybe your dream’s not an Airstream trailer filled with jewels, or margaritas on the beach. Maybe it’s to own a pilates studio or to ride a Harley. Whatever it is, gypsy cowgirl, FLY!

See You Down the Road!

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